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June 23, 2017 | Posted in:

General, Cloud, IT Security

Posted by April Laverriere

The SE Blog is a place for partners, clients, affiliates, and others to reference company news, industry events, technology updates, and more. With that in mind, listed below is a reference of this year's more popular blog articles by subject, making it easier for you to navigate and read through. Enjoy!

IT Security 101 security_cloud_with_force_field_shield-1365x1024.jpg

  • When you leave IT, lock IT - SE Account Manager, Duncan Bruce, describes why it's important to lock your computer when you take a break from IT. Leaving your computer unlocked, even amongst your own co-workers, could prove to be a true vulnerability.
  • Creating a Culture of Security - SE's Director of Professional Services, Adam Victor, explains the importance of establishing and maintaining comprehensive IT policies and procedures for security purposes. 
  • Technology End-of-Support and End-of-Life Risks - Understanding when your software, operating systems, and hardware expire or are no longer supported by the manufacturer,  is important to managing your network as well as keeping it free from vulnerabilities. 

Cloudy With a Chance of Transformation ITCloudSpending.jpg

  • The Cloud is Here to Stay - SE Infrastructure Engineer, Jason Beal, discusses how the cloud has made remote office environments more productive and collaborative utilizing tools like the Cisco Spark. 
  • Digital Transformation: Identify the Why - Digital Transformation, or digitalization, is essential to how businesses should move forward and succeed in today's technologically advanced world. Understand some of the decision-making that comes with advancing in this direction and how it's related to customer experience.
  • Microsoft Cloud Services: One Benefit You Won't Want to Miss - SE's Director of Product Management, Mark Benton, outlines the topics of discussion at Systems Engineering's 2017 Winter Lunch & Learn event titled Windows 10: Enabling Your Move to the Cloud

Resources Galore connected.png

  • Helping Educators Achieve Critical Technology Initiatives - Wireless is as pertinent to schools as heat and water. In this blog post, SE Account Manager, Marco Gasbarrone, explains how the need and expense for this resource can come to align within the E-Rate funding program making IT accessible for all educators. 
  • The Secret Sauce in the Software Services Group - SE Project Manager, John Zastrow, discusses the services and solutions the SE Software Services Group provides to clients including reporting, custom applications, staff augmentation, data integration, and more. 
  • Technology Predictions for 2017 - Technology is always changing and sometimes, it's difficult to keep up. In this article, read up on what SE predicted would be the hot topics and solutions of 2017.

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