Five Mistakes IT Teams Make to Compromise Network Security

March 03, 2016

Although data breaches are common enough to show up in news headlines on a weekly, sometimes daily basis, it's something none of us want our businesses to experience. In fact, an organization's IT staff is regularly putting practices and securities in place to try and prevent network compromises from occurring. However, it's not only employees who make mistakes that compromise network security. Listed below are five risks and their matching solutions to keep networks healthy and cybercriminals at bay. 

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SE Lunch & Learn Infographic: Risk Management in the Era of Ransomware

January 29, 2016

Systems Engineering's recent Lunch & Learn titled Risk Management in the Era of Ransomware, took place in three locations on three various dates. SE presenters, Joe McIntyre and Alan Damon, discussed how vulnerable businesses are to ransomware over a natural disaster. No matter what the cause or the suspect, business data continually plays the role of victim.  So, what are businesses doing to backup and recover the data that is imperative to their survival? 

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Good vs. Good Enough: How much data are you willing to risk?

January 18, 2016

Business data growth is exponential in nature, especially with much more of it becoming e-based, e-filed, and e-stored. The managing and organization of that data comes down to several very important questions, all of which need to be addressed by organizations.

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SaaS Talk

November 06, 2015

Moving to the Cloud means different things to different organizations. Similarly, offering a cloud solution means different things to different vendors. At this point, you probably have some portion of your business running ‘in the Cloud.' The most common place we see organizations adopting the Cloud is with Software as a Service (SaaS), which includes Microsoft Office 365,, and any number of line-of-business applications hosted by a provider in the Cloud.

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Information Lifecycle Management

July 24, 2015

Six years ago, your business might have had 400 gigabytes (GB) of data stored on the network. Maybe two-thirds of that was actual business data comprised of files, vertical application data, and email. The rest was overhead. 

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Patch Management: A Critical Component of Network Security

July 09, 2015

2014 was a record year for newly discovered software vulnerabilities with nearly 8,000 reported.  2015 appears to be on track to be another record breaking year with dozens being reported every day.  Not all vulnerabilities directly affect you or your organization but there have been some major ones that had widespread impact such as an Internet Explorer vulnerability affecting all browser versions to HeartBleed, ShellShock, Poodle and Winshock, all of which compromised the security of your system or the systems you connect to. 

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Cloud-based Capabilities and More

May 28, 2015

A typical office in 1995, with PC's and email, might have looked very sophisticated to your mother who was used to working with typewriters and physical mailboxes in 1975. In the same cyclical pattern, the office we see in 2015 is not like that of 1995. We now have to consider working from several devices no matter where we are, and access to everything is of utter importance.

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