Notification: Maine Law Now Requires Direct Dialing of 9-1-1

November 08, 2017

Effective November 1, any public or private entity in Maine that installs or operates a multi-line telephone system (MLTS) must ensure that it connects to the public switched telephone network in such a way that allows a person to directly dial 9-1-1 without first requiring the dialing of any other number or set of numbers (9, 9-1-1 for example).

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SE Lunch & Learn Recap:  Office 365 Adoption - Collaboration, Communications & Identity

July 23, 2017

At our recent SE Lunch & Learn, Microsoft Office 365 (O365) subject matter experts, Jean Haskell, Senior Analyst, and Mark Benton, Director of Product Management, reviewed many of the features and benefits of O365.  In this article, we highlight a couple of the key features they spoke about.

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The Cloud is Here to Stay

March 03, 2017

The Rise of the Cloud.

Carrier networks have steadily grown more resilient, costs are lowering, and the adoption of cloud technologies have certainly become more attractive.  We no longer have to maintain a server farm or data center-caliber infrastructure to take advantage of the best business applications out there. 

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