Hyperconvergence Defined

June 17, 2016

The world of hyperconvergence is relatively new, bringing forth a new approach to technology that should not be ignored. As Information Technology (IT) is ever-changing and continuously becoming more streamlined and sophisticated, it's important for businesses to stay "in the know" on the latest and greatest and to understand if it's the right 'next step' to take. To fully meet the needs of the ever-evolving and more tech-savvy clients businesses serve, it's a 'must' to have what IT takes to keep them satisfied. So, what is hyperconvergence and what does IT do?

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Wrapping IT Up: Write and Maintain a Mobile Device Management Policy

May 20, 2016

The time to think about Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions and policies isn’t after employees start using various personal devices for work. 

At our recent Lunch & Learn, Personal Devices and Corporate Data: The impact of BYOD and MDM in the workplace, Elek Miller of Drummond Woodsum stated, “You need to carefully consider your policies & procedures and document them prior to any employee using a device for work.  It is one of the most important/first things you should do prior to implementing any MDM solution.” 

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Five Mistakes IT Teams Make to Compromise Network Security

March 03, 2016

Although data breaches are common enough to show up in news headlines on a weekly, sometimes daily basis, it's something none of us want our businesses to experience. In fact, an organization's IT staff is regularly putting practices and securities in place to try and prevent network compromises from occurring. However, it's not only employees who make mistakes that compromise network security. Listed below are five risks and their matching solutions to keep networks healthy and cybercriminals at bay. 

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HDI Analyst of the Year Award

January 08, 2016

When Jerry Desjardins comes into work every day, he comes in with the mindset of helping customers however he can. He enjoys troubleshooting issues, providing solutions, and coaching his fellow co-workers on best practices. What he didn't realize was that his efforts were being recognized.

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Lessons Learned from Clicking

December 14, 2015

We all receive information and education about what not to click on in terms of attachments, suspicious files, messages, and website advertisements. With today's sophisticated social engineering attacks, it's difficult to discern what's trustworthy versus what is not. Here's a first-person account of what can happen when you do click on an electronic "something" that is ill-intentioned.

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A Day in the Life, Part 3: Customer Service

October 13, 2015

Monday, October 5 through Friday, October 9 earmarked "Customer Service Week," a National tradition of honoring customer service teams in organizations everywhere. It is also a week that helps to raise awareness to the importance of good customer service, something taken very seriously at Systems Engineering (SE).

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BYOD, MDM, and EMM Demystified

October 02, 2015

It’s no revelation that the age of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) computing is here and has been for some time. Whether it's with a smart phone, tablet, or smart watch, BYOD is a convenient way for today's workforce to stay connected. Recent surveys show that BYOD adoption, as a business tool, presents a company as more attractive and a "must-have" for millennial-generation job applicants.  

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A Day in the Life, Part 2: The IT Project Manager

August 07, 2015

In much the same way that a person hires a financial planner to reach his or her short-term and long-term life goals on schedule, our Systems Engineering IT Project Managers serve as the liaison, internally and externally, to ensure our clients receive what they requested from the beginning of our relationship with them.

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A Day in the Life, Part 1: The Help Desk Engineer

July 17, 2015

When you think of someone who detects and clears up viruses, troubleshoots health issues, or resets something that is broken, you might think of a doctor in the Emergency Room. Believe it or not, a Help Desk Engineer plays those roles as well, just in a more "technological" way.

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Outsourcing Augments Internal IT Departments

April 02, 2015

Brad Sprague
Strategic Accounts Team Manager

Systems Engineering's Brad Sprague recently appeared on WBOL's The Derek Volk Show. He discusses why organizations decide to outsource all or pieces of IT and how SE's services support and augment internal IT departments providing clients competitive advantage with a comprehensive IT foundation.

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