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Security Bulletin: Citrix Application Delivery Controller and Citrix Gateway Vulnerability

January 03, 2020

Citrix recently published a critical security bulletin (CVE-2019-19781) advising users of a vulnerability in the Citrix Application Delivery Controller (ADC) device formerly known as NetScaler ADC, Citrix Gateway, and NetScaler Gateway. If exploited, it can allow an unauthenticated attacker to execute code on the appliance that can lead to possibly compromising a critical perimeter security component. Many organizations rely on these devices as load balancers to control access from the outside to internal Citrix Servers and to terminate SSL VPNs.

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What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and How does it work?

December 12, 2019

Today, your applications and files are no longer all contained within your four walls. Your staff may work from home or is on the move which means they are accessing your company's data and apps from multiple locations and on multiple devices. To keep your data secure, you need to know who is knocking at the door before you let them in. Your business might require complex passwords, but in reality, your staff is most likely using the same passwords across personal and business accounts, and the cybercriminals know it.

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Service Alert: Microsoft 365

December 12, 2019

Systems Engineering is aware of an issue impacting some Microsoft 365 services. Microsoft is investigating and will be providing updates.  You can find updates below or check their service health status page.


Microsoft's Final Status: We've monitored the service for an extended period of time and worked with some of the affected users to confirm that impact has been mitigated following our redirection of the affected traffic.

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It's Cyber Monday, So Be Cyber Aware

December 02, 2019

Every year, Cyber Monday brings us incredible deals and discounts; however, it's also the time of year when cybercriminals increase their efforts to steal our money and confidential information. To stay safe while shopping online, keep the following cybersafety tips in mind.

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Security Alert: Cisco ASA and FTD Security Advisory Bundled Publication

October 29, 2019

Cisco recently released a collection of 10 security advisories against Cisco's Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA), Firepower Threat Defense (FTD), and Firepower Management Center (FMC) software. The collection includes a few high-risk vulnerabilities that affect File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Inspection, Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) inspection that could lead to a denial-of-service condition. Importantly, Cisco is not aware of any public exploitation of the vulnerabilities. 

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Celebrate Race Day With Giving and BBQ

September 23, 2019

The Maine Marathon, charitable giving, and BBQ’s are three of our favorite ways to spend time here at Systems Engineering. This year, we have an astounding 21 employee-owners running all or part of the Maine Marathon. With such a large team, we decided to use the occasion to raise money for one of our core areas of giving; the Maine foster care system.

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National IT Professionals Day - Celebrating Our Team

September 17, 2019

September 17, 2019 is National IT Professionals Day. Today is set aside to honor the venerable geeks of the world we all rely on to keep us connected. The IT professional is the unsung hero of modern business. Whether it be desktops, laptops, mobile devices, applications, servers, networks, databases, or cybersecurity, IT professionals keep business humming.

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Security Alert: Fortinet Firewall SSL VPN Vulnerability

September 04, 2019

Systems Engineering is aware of the vulnerability affecting customers with Fortinet Firewalls who are using an SSL VPN (Secure Sockets Layers Virtual Private Network) to connect to their offices remotely. This vulnerability utilizes an improper limitation of a pathname to a restricted directory ("path traversal") in multiple Fortinet OS versions under the SSL VPN web portal.

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Systems Engineering Named One of Maine's Best Places to Work in 2019

August 27, 2019

PORTLAND, Maine — August 27, 2019 — Systems Engineering announced today it has been named one of the 2019 Best Places to Work in Maine – marking the sixth consecutive year the IT company has been honored for its commitment to maintaining a high level of employee satisfaction. Systems Engineering will be recognized at the Best Places to Work in Maine awards ceremony on October 2, 2019.

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What is Shadow IT and how should organizations deal with it?

August 02, 2019

Most employees want to be productive. As cloud service consumers, we have become accustomed to finding a tool or app that will help us fill a need and simply buy it without obtaining approval from our organization first. This practice of employees bypassing IT management to procure tools and services without proper vetting has infiltrated the workplace and is known as Shadow IT.

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