Return to the Workplace: Maintain Productivity and Avoid Hurdles

May 14, 2021

Last spring, many of us went through the unprecedented process of moving to remote work. The migration was largely a lift and shift exercise of office gear and technology. For many, this meant tweaking underlying security and connectivity technologies to enable seamless remote work.  As an IT managed service provider, we observed first-hand

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IT Solutions & Support, Workforce Enablement

Align Business Goals and IT at Your Next Executive Business Review

April 30, 2021

Business has changed for many in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Last year many organizations pivoted to a remote work strategy, and now the focus is shifting to office re-entry considerations. However, for each of these transitions, one aspect that remains critical is the need to secure your workforce and data, no matter where business is happening. So how can you be sure that your IT systems are thoughtfully aligned to support your next strategic phase of business operations securely?

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Business Transformation, IT Solutions & Support

The Evolution of Identity and Access Management (IAM)

April 23, 2021

In a recent presentation to business leaders, Kent Goodrow, a Systems Engineering client Account Manager, spoke about the evolution of identity and access management (IAM). He noted the increasing business exposure to modern threats due to work-from-anywhere, cloud-first environments. Kent detailed how IAM has evolved over the last few years and how it now works to protect access to corporate resources. Below is an outline of his presentation on implementing IAM as your organization's first line of defense.

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Compliance, Cloud Security

SECURITY ALERT: Microsoft On-Premises Exchange Server Vulnerability for April 2021

April 15, 2021

On April 13, Microsoft released its monthly patches for vulnerabilities found within their products. In their release announcement, Microsoft strongly recommends prioritizing the CVE 2021 28481 security update which affects Exchange servers 2013, 2016, and 2019. This vulnerability allows hackers access to mailboxes to read or even exfiltrate sensitive information.

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Security Bulletins & Alerts

SECURITY ALERT: Multiple Fortinet Operating System Vulnerabilities

April 06, 2021

Systems Engineering is aware of the FBI and CISA joint security advisory indicating threat actors are potentially using multiple Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) to exploit Fortinet operating systems, known as FortiOS. The advisory calls out three vulnerabilities that may be used to gain access to business networks to begin data exfiltration or data encryption attacks. Vulnerabilities include;

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Security Bulletins & Alerts

SECURITY ALERT: Cisco Jabber Desktop and Mobile Client Software Vulnerabilities

March 31, 2021

Systems Engineering is aware of multiple vulnerabilities within Cisco Jabber Client software. These vulnerabilities affect Cisco Jabber for Windows, Cisco Jabber for MacOS, and Cisco Jabber for Mobile platforms. Vulnerabilities include:

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Security Bulletins & Alerts

Changes in Cloud Technologies: Don’t Go It Alone

March 18, 2021

In 1970, around the same time David Bowie was writing “Changes”, Alvin and Heidi Toffler wrote a book entitled “Future Shock,” arguing that the ever-accelerating rate of technological and social change would create fear, confusion, and tension across the globe. In the last 50 years, their predictions have been largely prescient. While cloud technologies keep getting better and have improved our lives in a myriad of ways, there is no doubt that it leaves some people’s heads spinning. So how do you keep up with the cloud?

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