3 Work-From-Home Scenarios For Long-Term Productivity and Security

October 08, 2020

Has your company decided to transition a portion or all your employees to work-from-home long-term? What may have started as a temporary means to an end is working well, and you have decided to embrace this new way of doing business. What you need now is to ensure your remote employees can continue to get their work done as productively and securely as possible.

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Cybersecurity, Workforce Enablement

Mobile Application Management: Secure Critical Data on BYOD

September 18, 2020

Now more than ever your employees are working on personal devices. A recent Microsoft study reported that 67% of people use personal devices in the workplace. Tasks such as sending emails, reviewing documents, accessing applications, and other business productivity actions are performed on personal devices daily. Employees work on their own devices as a matter of convenience and, for the business, the productivity benefits are appealing. Be informed about the benefits and risks of this growing trend, and learn how you can manage and secure your sensitive company data.

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Workforce Enablement, Cloud Security

3 Pronouns to Simplify Organization of Microsoft 365 Communication

June 04, 2020

If your organization has Microsoft 365 (Office, Enterprise Mobility + Security, and Windows 10) you have access to a full array of powerful and flexible apps. These great productivity boosters enable employees to work from anywhere with their app of their choice to match their preferred working style. The challenge is how do businesses identify which Microsoft 365 app to use and the appropriate situation for each.

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Workforce Enablement

5 Tips for Recruiting Talent During a Pandemic

May 05, 2020

What if I told you that now is the best time to recruit top talent? You don't even need to invest in more hiring platforms or third-party services to do it. Despite the pandemic, Systems Engineering is continuing our recruitment efforts. We wanted to share our five most effective and low-resource recruitment strategies with you.

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Workforce Enablement

Working From Home: Tips to Working Remotely With Cisco Unified Communications Phone Systems

March 25, 2020

Do you need a phone solution that offers the flexibility to make and receive all business calls, without disruption or downgraded performance? The COVID-19 pandemic has left many companies with no choice but to instruct staff to work remotely or from home. As we settle into this new norm, the challenge for some organizations is the ability to maintain productivity and meet client needs with the tools they already have. For many, the solution can be found in their Cisco Unified Communications phone system.

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Workforce Enablement

Learn. Connect. Grow. Summer Internships in 2020

February 11, 2020

In 2016, Systems Engineering launched our first ever summer internship program, which has continued to grow and develop over the last four years. With unemployment levels for technology workers at record lows, and a steady increase in open tech positions, students have a unique opportunity with Systems Engineering to gain real-world experience through on-the-job training for a quick transition into full-time careers. Several of our past participants have chosen to take positions within Systems Engineering once they have completed formal studies, which is a testament to the strength of our program and the quality of candidates accepted into the summer internship.

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Announcements, Workforce Enablement

How to Achieve a Successful and Secure Modern Workplace

July 12, 2019

Cloud-Based Modern Desktop

Many organizational networks are now cloud-based, allowing end users to connect from literally anywhere at any time, and with any device. Businesses who look towards enabling employees with a "Modern Desktop" environment typically want to meet these objectives:

  • Empower staff through collaboration
  • Enable business productivity without interruption
  • Enhance security posture
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Business Transformation, IT Solutions & Support, Workforce Enablement

Making the Most of Meetings

March 28, 2019

Here at Systems Engineering, we understand that meetings are an integral part of every organization's work day. They are meant as a tool used to accomplish projects, overcome hurdles, and assign action items. Every meeting should have a clear purpose, an expected outcome, and conclude with a clear objective to move business forward. 

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Workforce Enablement

Cisco's Webex Teams Try and Buy

March 22, 2019

What is Webex Teams?

Cisco's Webex Teams, utilized by businesses around the world, is a cloud-based, or hosted, collaboration platform that’s modeled around teamwork in the modern working environment. Built on the Webex platform, it can act as a phone system, a video conferencing system, a file share, and a whiteboard environment. Persistent, or ongoing, chat can be utilized by people within an organization as well as with partners and clients who work externally. Essentially, it’s a communication platform that will change how your organization collaborates, seamlessly and for the better.

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Business Transformation, IT Solutions & Support, Workforce Enablement

The Changing Nature of Microsoft Office 365

February 01, 2019

When organizations decide to move data to the cloud, there are several benefits including cost efficiency and time savings. Consistent and frequent updates to make usability easier and friendlier is yet another benefit. For those organizations that have adopted Microsoft Office 365, (or better yet Microsoft 365, a.k.a. 'Modern Desktop') for example, you might have noticed that once a login occurs, the default page seen now is Office.comAs such, Microsoft announced the following explanation earlier this week:

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Business Transformation, Workforce Enablement