Return to the Workplace: Maintain Productivity and Avoid Hurdles

May 14, 2021

Last spring, many of us went through the unprecedented process of moving to remote work. The migration was largely a lift and shift exercise of office gear and technology. For many, this meant tweaking underlying security and connectivity technologies to enable seamless remote work.  As an IT managed service provider, we observed first-hand

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Ask Your Potential Managed Service Provider These 7 Questions

May 07, 2021

Whether you have a dedicated IT team on staff who needs to be more innovation-focused, or your business is looking for comprehensive managed IT services, it’s important to ask the right questions when selecting an IT partner for your business. Doing your homework on a Managed Service Provider, or MSP, before hiring them is as important as choosing a reputable accountant or lawyer who will best serve your needs and add strategic value to your organization. 

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Align Business Goals and IT at Your Next Executive Business Review

April 30, 2021

Business has changed for many in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Last year many organizations pivoted to a remote work strategy, and now the focus is shifting to office re-entry considerations. However, for each of these transitions, one aspect that remains critical is the need to secure your workforce and data, no matter where business is happening. So how can you be sure that your IT systems are thoughtfully aligned to support your next strategic phase of business operations securely?

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Business Transformation, IT Solutions & Support

Enhancing Our IT Help Desk Support

January 28, 2021

When calling in for IT help desk support, there are some days you may be faced with waiting on hold. Instead of holding, what if you could use that time to be productive?  At Systems Engineering, we recognize your time is valuable. Our latest enhancement offers you the choice to save your place in line, giving you some time back in your day. This provides you with  flexibility when calling help desk during peak times.

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Ways to Approach and Measure Your Cybersecurity Risks

January 08, 2021

In 2020, many organizations pivoted their business models due to the pandemic. If you're one of these companies, you may have developed new processes and procedures that allowed you to safely continue operations and maintain high levels of customer service. Now that the dust has begun to settle, it is an excellent opportunity to evaluate or reevaluate any new cybersecurity risks that could have been created by these changes. In this article, we offer practical guidance on how to classify and measure your cybersecurity risks for effective cybersecurity risk management.

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Cybersecurity, IT Solutions & Support

What is E-rate and how does it work?

December 17, 2020

Educational institutions are heavily dependent upon technology to support today’s digital learning environments.  At a minimum, schools need high speed internet access, telecommunications services, and internal connections in order for faculty and students to access the digital resources they need. In addition, your teachers and students need a secure learning environment in which to teach and learn. When resources and budgets are constrained, E-rate, a technology federal funding program, can help schools obtain the technologies necessary to facilitate an effective and modern educational environment.

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What is a SOC 2 Compliance Report and Why it Matters to Your Business

December 11, 2020

Have you ever questioned how you can measure the quality of a managed service provider (MSP), and their stance on IT security?  Do they put security first within their own organization?  The good news is a reputable MSP can answer this question by producing an impartial 3rd party SOC 2 Report. This audit is a voluntary annual review, and how the results can be an invaluable piece of information for leveling up trust within an MSP.

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