Hybrid IT Services Model: Best of Both Insourcing and Outsourcing

May 26, 2023

A common trait of successful businesses is recognizing how to optimize the value of its staff and third-party partners for sustainable growth. Organizations can maximize returns by ensuring employees focus on the high-value tasks they were hired for and finding alternatives for the business's general, repeatable, and scalable needs.

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Ask Your Potential Managed Service Provider These 7 Questions

May 05, 2023

Managed technology service providers have become the model of choice for most small and medium-sized businesses driven by digital transformation, cloud adoption, and the talent shortage for expert IT and cybersecurity resources. If you are considering adopting this model for the first time or making a change in managed service providers, be sure you are making an informed and strategic choice; it's a business where capabilities, expertise, and services vary widely.

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Budgeting for Cyber Insurance Requirements

February 09, 2023

2022 was an eventful year for cybersecurity teams as cyberattacks increased by 38% compared to 2021. In response, cyber insurance requirements increased across the board, with some businesses seeing premiums nearly double to attain and retain coverage. 

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Cybersecurity, IT Solutions & Support

With Windows 10 end-of-support in sight, it's time for Windows 11

November 04, 2022

It's been a little over a year since the official release of Windows 11 in October 2021. During this time, we have been deploying it to customers upon request, and our engineering teams have been assessing and monitoring the latest OS for stability and quality issues. We recently completed the evaluation and can report that our systems and services are now compatible with Microsoft Windows 11 for workstations, and ready to support our clients as they move onto this new OS.

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Is Your Backup and Restore Strategy Putting Data at Risk?

August 01, 2022

Backing up your critical data should be a fundamental part of every data protection strategy. With ransomware breaches and recovery costs nearly doubling over the last year, at 66% up from 37% and $1.85M up from $760K respectively, organizations cited data backups as the #1 method used to restore compromised data.

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Cybersecurity, IT Solutions & Support, Cloud Security

Plan, Control, & Reduce Risk With a Technology End-of-Life Strategy

May 19, 2022

Security, compatibility, and compliance are the biggest threats that result from not keeping your technology current, also known as technical debt. These problems can occur by running software and hardware past the point of manufacturer support, putting your business at unnecessary risk.

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5 Qualities of a Reliable Cloud Migration Partner

May 05, 2022

Have you decided to relocate some or all of your organization's infrastructure to a cloud services provider (CSP) such as Microsoft, Google, or Amazon? If so, the next step is to consider who will serve as your cloud migration partner. The right consultant can get you to the cloud securely and cost-effectively while enhancing performance. But ... not all cloud migration partners are created equal.

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