How Employee-Owned Companies Benefit Clients and Staff

May 08, 2017 | Posted in:

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Posted by Brad Sprague


Systems Engineering (SE) is 100% employee-owned. What does that mean? Our company is an Employee Stock Ownership Program or ESOP.  ESOPs are companies where some or all of the ownership has transferred to the employees primarily in the form of non-voting company stock.  At Systems Engineering, we are 100% employee-owned.

At Systems Engineering, doing business with us means that every representative you talk to is either an owner or on a path to becoming an owner. Every owner at Systems Engineering has a deep, personal, and professional interest in the success of the company and its clients. "Treat it like it's your own," is something we all take quite literally, whether it's spending money, saving money, or ensuring that we find the best solution that's customized to each and every end user. 

Value Employee-Ownership Brings to Our Clients and Partners

Systems Engineering's ESOP and the ownership culture it fosters creates many benefits for employee-owners that in turn benefit our customers.  Being an organization based in northern New England, nothing is more important to the success of Systems Engineering's ESOP than building strong relationships with those around us who value their Information Technology as a key tool for business productivity and growth.  Each and every one of our business relationships is critical to us.

As owners of our company, we are all driven to find better ways to support our customers.  The last thing we want to do is to place an organization in an IT solution that we, ourselves, would not want to utilize. Being innovative with the technologies we recommend and implement, without being reckless with your business, is a key focus of ours.  It is far more important to us that you continue to view us as an indispensable part of your team five years from now than it is to sell you the coolest, most expensive technology today.  

After all, we're driven to deliver engineering excellence and superior customer service

Benefits Employee-Ownership Brings to Our Staff and Culture

The same high level of personal accountability we bring to our clients is also brought to one another as colleagues.  The engineers, project managers, sales, marketing, finance, and human resources employees who work at Systems Engineering like the people they work with and see the long-term possibilities that come with the ESOP.  Through hard work and team effort, we have found that there is low attrition, there's accountability for doing things right and well.

At the end of the day, people may see "employee ownership" as just another way of running an organization. We, at Systems Engineering, see IT as our culture; the way in which we take care of our clients and one another. 

To speak to a Systems Engineering representative, email info@systemsengineering.com or call 888.624.6737. We look forward to working with you.