Microsoft Office 365 Email Delivery Degradation

June 30, 2016 | Posted in:


SE_Alert_200x68px.pngToday at approximately 11:30am EST, users of Microsoft Office 365 began to experience delays and/or the nondelivery of external emails. 

Microsoft has identified the specific infrastructure within Office 365 that is causing the delays and has restarted those services. Currently, they are moving email traffic to known healthy infrastructure to minimize the impact.  

If you are an Office 365 and an SE CleanMail customer, you can log into your spam filter account and look for undelivered emails under either your 'Email Continuity' or 'Emergency Email' tabs. You should also check your list of quarantined emails while logged in.  


As of 3:01pm EST, Microsoft announced that they have completed moving email traffic to a healthy infrastructure.  However, you may still experience delays as the system fully recovers and the backlog of email is processed.

We will update this post later this afternoon with any changes or as soon as we know the issue has been resolved.


As of 4:55 pm EST, email is delivering with no further issues; however, you might experience some delays in receiving emails from earlier in the day. 

If you have any questions, please email info@syseng.com, or call 888.624.6737.