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September 29, 2016 | Posted in:

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Business leaders are always looking for ways to create efficiencies and drive revenue. As the Internet became the way we communicated via email and business websites, organizations began taking advantage of cloud solutions like cloud hosted business applications (SaaS) and Microsoft Office 365.

Digital_Transformation.pngWhile many are embracing benefits of the cloud, most have not taken the next step of extending these digital capabilities into their day-to-day work and customer interactions. This does not mean implementing the latest, trendy technology - it means digitally transforming your business from the inside with a focus on your customer's experience.

What exactly is digital transformation (digitalization)?

According to Gartner, “Digital transformation is the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities; it is the process of moving to a digital business.”

Digital transformation is differentiating your business by transforming everyday business activities with technology so employees, business partners, and clients can work with you when they want, from where they want, and with any device they choose. It’s about reshaping your business to deliver better customer service, attract new talent, and increase employee productivity.

The most well publicized industry that is doing this now is FinTech.  They are disrupting how the Financial Services' industry works. At Systems Engineering (SE), we are starting to work towards greater digitalization so our clients and end-users can more readily access our business and services over mobile devices.

Studies show those embracing digital transformation are pulling ahead of their competition. They are creating new levels of digital optimization across processes and departments.

Take a look around your business. Can you identify areas where your business would benefit from a digital overhaul?

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We're kicking off a new SE Blog series on digital transformation.  To learn more about how it is reshaping businesses of all sizes and all industries, subscribe to our blog now. 

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