Digital Transformation: Identify the Why

April 14, 2017 | Posted in:

Data Points, Technology Trends, Digital Transformation

In our last article, we asked if you could identify areas where your business could benefit from a digital overhaul.  For some, this is easy and for others, it may be hard to identify.  But before you begin, you must understand the reasons for wanting to go on a digital transformation journey.

Identify the Why

Improve the Customer Experience.  Many companies are looking at the experience customers are having and what impression it makes. Do they expect more ways with which to interact than an email or a “contact us” form? If so, what is their preferred method of communication?

Reduce Operational Inefficiencies All organizations are on board with reducing process friction within their businesses.  The constant stop and start of manual process leads to frustration and, worse, potential lost opportunities. 

Pull Ahead of the Competition.  Waiting to see what happens next is becoming is risky business and there’s a good chance you have seen disruption in your own industry.  Most organizations will need to innovate or risk becoming the disrupted, or the one that falls behind. 

Attracting Talent.  Just like your customers, are prospective hires getting the best impression of your company?  How easy or difficult is it to go navigate the application process online?  Do they see modern applications in use and how these will enable them to have a good work/home balance?

Ways to Digitalize

While you're identifying your whys, we have put together a few recommendations on how to easily begin your digital transformation journey:

Extend Apps to Cloud.  You may already have the data and systems to enhance the customer experience but, you just need to make it accessible.  Extending these types of systems to the cloud may not be as hard as you think and could be as simple as identifying onsite systems that have a cloud counterpart.   While moving to the cloud isn't a forklift exercise, enabling customers to easily and securely access real-time information and respond to you at their convenience will give you a competitive edge.   

Improve Collaboration.   Workplace collaboration no longer means meeting in a physical room or talking on the phone.  Today's mobile work environments require modern collaboration solutions.  These tools help increase productivity and efficiency by easily connecting clients or staff who may be in different departments, business units, or office locations.  

Gain Business Intelligence.  When you start mining your own data, you will most likely find information gold.  Finding patterns in your orders, tickets, call logs, or manufacturing data could provide new insights. And most important, the tools, once limited to large organizations, are readily available to the SMB market.

As with any other initiatives, be sure you have buy-in.  Support for business transformation is critical as it can and will change the way your business currently works.  Once you have buy-in, create a team who can get IT done.  Be sure they understand the digital transformation vision and together, you can create a digital plan that maps to your business' strategies and goals. 

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