Security Alert: FBI Reports Increase in Windows 7 Cyberattacks

August 13, 2020 | Posted in:

Security Bulletins & Alerts

The FBI recently released a private industry notification (PIN) warning businesses about the increase in end-of-life attacks. "The FBI has observed cybercriminals targeting computer network infrastructures after an operating system achieves end-of-life status," the bureau said.

End-of-life is a term used when technology vendors stop proactively providing technical support, software updates, and security fixes for their products. 

This latest FBI PIN centered around the Windows 7 operating systems (OS), which Microsoft retired in January of this year. The FBI states, "As time goes on, Windows 7 becomes more vulnerable due to the lack of security updates and new vulnerabilities discovered." You can read their report in full here.

Recommended Action

For those businesses still using the Windows 7 OS , Microsoft offers Extended Security Updates (ESU) which provide much needed security updates and patches, and can be purchased for an increasing cost. However, Microsoft recommends the best way to be secure is to upgrade to Windows 10.  It’s worth noting that ESU has an end-of-life date of its own come January 2023 and must be purchased annually for each of the interim years.

If your business is running Windows 7 and is considering migrating, we can help you upgrade to Windows 10.  You can connect with Systems Engineering at, or 888.624.6737. Customers, please reach out to your Account Manager.