SERVICE NOTICE: Zix Email Services Degraded

November 17, 2023 | Posted in:

Systems Engineering is aware of the technical issue affecting Zix Email Services. Specifically, the data center responsible for processing mail is experiencing technical difficulties. 

You can follow Zix status updates here. 


According to the announcement on the morning of November 16th, Threat Protection (Email Threat Protection, Zix Protect/Spam Stops Here) and Encryption Services (Hosted ZixGateway, Hosted SMB, Secure Cloud Email Encryption (AEE/ZEE), ZixPortal) have been impacted, causing some emails sent through Zix not to be delivered. The core issue has been identified, and Zix is actively working to remediate it. This notice is to inform Zix users of the situation and to provide any optional instructions and updates as they become available. 


We have confirmed that the Zix disruption is not the result of a security incident and is directly related to an internal technical issue.  

Any emails sent within the last 24 hours may have received a "Relay Access Denied" email, which means the email was not delivered and will need to be resent. Any incoming email is not affected. 

Course of Action 

To help alleviate the disruption, we have developed a solution to reroute email. This requires disabling the Zix services and sending the emails directly to your recipient, which removes all encryption protection.   

The option to route around Zix services is a temporary solution, as it removes your ability to encrypt emails containing sensitive information. This introduces the risk that unencrypted emails with sensitive information may be intercepted. 

No ETA is currently available on when this will be fixed. We are in constant contact with Zix and monitoring the situation closely.  

If you are a Systems Engineering client and have questions about this service notice, please contact your Account Manager.