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Three Keys to Your Organization's 2019 IT Strategy

December 11, 2018

It's a new year which makes it a great time to prioritize your technology initiatives. As technology changes dramatically, the headlines continue to focus on the same themes: Security, Cloud, and Digital Transformation. In this blog article, I will review important "to do's" within each category and offer ways you and your organization can achieve these important IT goals. 

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Cloud, IT Security, Digital Transformation

Taking a moment to remember...

November 09, 2018

Every Veterans Day, I take a moment to reflect on the flag and the millions of veterans who have helped defend our principles.  In peace time, they have trained and been ready for the worst, protecting us from potential threats and sending a message of our strength around the world. During a war, they have traveled to faraway places, been separated from their families, and put their lives on the line for our freedom.

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Systems Engineering Team

Practical Risk Assessments and Successful Outcomes

July 30, 2018

Risk management is something I am passionate about. My mantra is "plan to win," which basically means, fear is the devil. Find a viable plan, communicate, and execute. Why? Because with excellent risk management, you can optimize teams to move more quickly - and focus on successful outcomes.

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IT Strategy

Five Strategic IT Investments Every Company Should Be Making in 2018

January 06, 2018

The New Year is a great time to revisit your technology strategy.  IT Strategy is getting more and more important every year - whether you are a software company who makes a living with technology or someone running a law firm or other small business - technology should be making you better.  Far too often, however, we lose sight of our strategy dealing with the day-to-day bustle of running our business while keeping older systems running.  The New Year is a great time to step back and revisit the key components of your IT strategy.  Here are five strategic IT investments every company should be making in 2018:

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