IT Budgeting Tips and Best Practices

October 26, 2020 | Posted in:

IT Solutions & Support

Posted by Brad Sprague

Every year, business leaders sit down to create annual IT budgets to define how much their organization will spend on technology in the coming year. As technology now permeates almost all aspects of our businesses, your IT budget should be approached strategically to allocate and spend IT dollars on investments that drive the most business value.

The good news is that Systems Engineering has experts in budget planning. In this video, Brad Sprague, our Account Management leader, offers best practices for IT planning, including a practical exercise to help companies organize their IT budgets. Brad's overall message:

Good IT budgets start with an understanding of your organization’s future goals to focus annual IT spend on initiatives that help you achieve the business outcomes you desire.

Here is a glimpse of what you can expect in this look at IT budget planning video:

  • Roadmap vs. Budget
  • Yearly Considerations
  • Step-by-step Budget Exercise
  • Next Steps / First Steps

If you need help with developing IT roadmaps and your annual IT budget planning process, get in touch with us today.