Reduce Risks With IT Project Management

August 28, 2020 | Posted in:

Business Transformation, IT Solutions & Support

Posted by Michael Gray

An ancient proverb says, "If you have a problem that can be fixed, then there is no use in worrying. If you have a problem that cannot be fixed, then there is no use in worrying." It's safe to assume that these ancient writers never faced executing an IT project. Risks associated with complex technology projects can keep business leaders up at night.

Minimize Project Risks

The Project Management Office here at Systems Engineering is familiar with common pitfalls and risks technical projects present. To minimize them, we pull together resources from different areas of our company to create a professional support team for each project. This team is selected based on their experience and skillsets. Their task is to develop and execute your project plan and remain with you throughout your project's lifecycle.

Additionally, we minimize project risks by sharing information about past projects. Our Project Managers review and analyze the effectiveness of recent projects. We apply our learnings to our processes and procedures, which help guide us in mitigating potential project roadblocks. These post-project reviews improve our project management operations allowing us to be more effective and efficient in future engagements. 

No two projects are alike.  

Of course, none of this means anything when it is your project that we are managing. While we streamline our approach to the technologies we encounter, we never forget that yours is a unique organization with specific business processes and needs. Instead of approaching your project with a canned strategy, we develop a comprehensive project plan that creates the least disruption in your business and meets your objectives.

At its core, Project Management services provide you with experienced professionals who bring leadership, organization, and risk management to every project. With roughly 30% of IT projects not meeting goals and over 40% exceeding budgets, it's essential to consider Project Management support to ensure your technical project's success. 

The next time your organization has a technical project, such as a network upgrade, cloud migration, SD-WAN transition, or you need to onboard new security measures like Multi-Factor Authentication or cloud security, look for a project management team with extensive experience. Good IT project management supports the many variables of your project and delivers the business outcomes you desire. 

Michael Gray.jpgMichael Gray, Project Manager Team Lead, has been with the Project Management Office since August 2017. Prior to joining Systems Engineering, he spent 18 years working in various roles in the banking industry, including project management, technology services coordination, as well as training and development.