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Posted by Blair Colby


Systems Engineering (SE) is pleased to announce the continuation of its summer internship program. Our 2018 program includes seven graduates, or soon-to-be graduates, joining us from a variety of schools including Villanova University, Southern Maine Community College, Kennesaw State University, University of Southern Maine, and Tufts University.

While participating in our program, interns receive real-world experience in a technical, professional services environment to hone the skills they already have while developing new ones. The SE Internship Program offers on-the-job training to help participant’s resumes rise to the top of the stack and prepare them to transition relatively seamlessly into full-time careers.

“Finding IT talent is a challenge. We realized that by providing a formal internship program, we could create a unique opportunity to develop a pipeline of  talented people. We learn as much from our interns as they learn from us. Their feedback and suggestions are highly valued as we want to ensure we’re providing the structure, content, and the tools to deliver a great learning experience during their time with us," said Susan Massey, SE Human Resources Manager.

During the program, interns are assigned an SE mentor, who they work alongside, to gain valuable knowledge in their development area of choice. They also benefit by learning customer service, troubleshooting, project management, team work skills, and more.

Interns are encouraged to integrate themselves into SE's culture which can include attending company outings, participating in wellness events, enjoying the ever-delicious bagel and donut Fridays, etc… "We want them to feel part of our company even though we only have them for a few months," Massey expressed.

“Students who participate in our 13-week program gain valuable hands-on experience in a real-world business environment, resulting in a talent-rich pool of people to draw from when we have open positions. It’s a win-win solution,” said Massey.

This year, the SE Internship Program is running from May 29 through August 24, 2018. We welcomed the following interns to Systems Engineering:

Adam Barber, Help Desk
Jay Canlas,
Christopher deWolf
, Engineering
Brennan Harvey, Product Management/ Software Services
Margaret Smith, Marketing
Kelly Tattersall,
Software Services
Donovan Taylor
, Project Management

If you’d like to meet this year’s SE interns, click here.

For more information about Systems Engineering's annual summer internship program, visit our Internships page.