End-of-Life for Microsoft Office 2010

September 21, 2020 | Posted in:

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Office 2010 will reach end-of-support on October 13, 2020. After this date, Microsoft will no longer provide technical support, bug fixes, or security updates for Office 2010. You will be able to continue using this version of Office, but by upgrading before any product falls out of support your business minimizes risks, including reducing exposure to security threats, remaining in compliance, and continuing to receive the latest product updates and support.

What does this mean.

Office 2010, like almost all Microsoft products, has a support lifecycle during which bug fixes and security fixes are provided. This lifecycle lasts for a certain number of years from the date of the product's initial release. For Office 2010, the support lifecycle is 10 years. The end of this lifecycle is known as the product's end-of-support, which includes:

  • Technical support for issues
  • Bug fixes for issues that are discovered
  • Security fixes for vulnerabilities that are discovered

What to do next.

  • Complete an upgrade. While you're planning your upgrade, this is a great time to consider moving to Microsoft 365.

  • Plan ahead for end-of-life events. A great way to to get ahead of end-of-life events is with a network assessment. It takes a comprehensive, in-depth look at your network to uncover where it may be under-performing. A network assessment will identify where your network risks lie, including end-of-support/life technologies.

We understand that many businesses are at different points in their journey to the cloud. When an end-of-extended-support date presents itself, it's an excellent time to look new alternatives offered in the cloud. For those needing to upgrade from Office 2010, Microsoft 365 subscription is a solid option. Also known as the Modern desktop, this model allows businesses to be more productive, enjoy predictable budgeting while keeping your organization current with the latest feature enhancements and critical security updates.

Help Me Upgrade

If you have questions about your end-of-extended-support date or need help identifying which of your technologies are facing end-of-support/life, get in touch with us at info@systemsengineering.com or 888.624.6737.  We can help your organization explore your upgrade options and create a strategy to migrate you securely.  Customers, please reach out to your Account Manager.