Corporate WiFi vs. Guest WiFi Access - Does it really matter?

June 19, 2019


Most businesses have some form of a wireless network (WiFi) in place, but is it really necessary to set up a separate guest wireless access? There are a few good reasons why this is an important step to take. We know having WiFi is imperative for employees who move throughout the office, but it also makes sense to offer wireless access to your guests, customers, vendors, and auditors. The question is how to do it safely?

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6 Techniques to Become a Microsoft Outlook Ninja

August 05, 2016

Without contest, Microsoft Outlook has been the cornerstone of my professional development. It was not always that way; before breaking into the world of IT, I used Outlook indifferently within various jobs. I read and replied to internal company emails without much thought about what it could do for me beyond that.

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A Day in the Life, Part 3: Customer Service

October 13, 2015

Monday, October 5 through Friday, October 9 earmarked "Customer Service Week," a National tradition of honoring customer service teams in organizations everywhere. It is also a week that helps to raise awareness to the importance of good customer service, something taken very seriously at Systems Engineering (SE).

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Patch Management: A Critical Component of Network Security

July 09, 2015

2014 was a record year for newly discovered software vulnerabilities with nearly 8,000 reported.  2015 appears to be on track to be another record breaking year with dozens being reported every day.  Not all vulnerabilities directly affect you or your organization but there have been some major ones that had widespread impact such as an Internet Explorer vulnerability affecting all browser versions to HeartBleed, ShellShock, Poodle and Winshock, all of which compromised the security of your system or the systems you connect to. 

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